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This Is The Reason For Individuals Aged 40 Difficulty In Establishing New Friendship Relationships

No matter how old you are right now, establishing a new friendship is not an easy matter. However, what is different from when you have reached middle age is that your fear of making friends with new people will be greater than when you were younger. The reason is, not only are you more difficult to accept people who are very different near you, but you also have a greater fear if the person who is close to you leaves your life.

However, this does not mean that in your middle age you avoid making new friends. Instead you need to overcome your fears, Ladies. So that the expansion of relationships does not stop just because of age. Well , in order to prevent it, we need to know what the heck the main reason that makes people aged 40 trouble friends, check this out, Ladies !

  1. Too Busy with Family Affairs
    One of the strong reasons for people aged 40 and over to find difficulty in making new friends is their busy caring for their families. Well , everyone has a commitment to this. And usually to manage it requires quite a lot of time and energy. Especially when taking care of children’s needs. No need to worry, this will become an obstacle, Ladies. Instead you can use it by engaging in helping children’s activities. Like accompanying to a sports venue or helping her at social events, then mingling with the people involved, both young and old participants.
  2. The Circle of Friendship rarely changes
    Research shows that when people reach their 30s, they will begin to value friendship based on quality over quantity. Therefore, their social circle will decrease, and they claim to be satisfied with it. However, for people outside the social circle, they often feel intimidated and difficult to “break in” the circle. Well , if you are in this situation, one of the things you can do is join a club or activity that suits your personality and interests. This will be a strong and key reason to open the door of friendship in a certain circle of higher quality.
  3. High individualism
    A study shows that the more mature a person is, the more individualistic, materialistic and narcissistic he is. Coupled with the presence of social media, people tend to prefer spending time online , rather than meeting and physically friends. One way to outsmart is precisely by utilizing the social media. Get to know yourself and find your individualism. Try not to appear too clingy in social interaction. This impression will help you to attract the attention of people who then want to be friends with you.
  4. Too Much Consideration
    Remember , ladies, when we were young we tended to be easier with friends with strangers, both with people who were the same age as old people. This is because the things that we consider to be friends at that time are very simple. Just have one thing in common with you, for example, like playing soccer, cheerleading, or others. However, as you get older, you will realize that it turns out to be friends with just one person that you will consider too many things that sometimes have nothing to do with the friendships you have formed. Although we need to be careful, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to act like kids who care more about the things you like together than seeing what position he is in at the company he works for.
  5. Fear of Being Rejected
    There are some people who have certain pride or pride that make them keep their distance from other people, even to the point of refusing to reach someone even if they need it. One of the feelings that usually arises is the fear of rejection and judgment from related people. Well , there is no other way out for this than trying to be uncaring, confident, and brave yourself, Ladies.

So, Ladies, has the above review helped you realize some of the difficulties that tend to arise unconsciously in middle-aged people when they want to make new friends? By knowing these reasons, you can better understand what problems you are facing, which of course you can prevent or actually get out of the problem immediately after knowing the essence of the problem, Ladies. Good luck!


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