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These Are Things You Must Do If Your Friendship Relationship Ends

Breaking up with a friend can feel worse than when we parted with our partners, huh? Most of us readily acknowledge the trauma of parting in a love affair, while for platonic separations such as our friendly relations it is difficult to admit.

Losing a friend with whom we have gone through a lot of ups and downs will certainly never be easy for anyone. Moreover, if the separation is caused by a cliché reason it is not even clear. Ladies, farewell is still farewell. When your friendly relationship can no longer be repaired, maybe this is the time you should move on. There is intimacy and trust, and then nothing. Life is always like that, from there is no return, Ladies. Although it takes time to face the destruction of losing someone who has always been beside us, but we must still try to accept and move on as soon as possible.

Acknowledge what happened and allow yourself to be sad for a while
“Sometimes we underestimate the power of platonic relations,” said Dani Moye, PhD, a marriage and family therapist. Often we hope to share the future with our close friends. Then, when that hope disappears, we will feel tremendous confusion and disappointment. Take the time to reflect on what this shifting state means to you. Let yourself for a moment feel the sadness due to disappointment until you are able to rise and return to a new friendly relationship.

“Best friends forever” doesn’t always mean forever
Usually, we always label our friendship with “friends forever”. Because, in the best of times, we hope that people are always there. But in reality we never know how long we will be friends with them. Being interested and connected to each other and then having the same thing done does not mean it will be forever like that, Ladies. It may be that what initially unites us is not necessarily the thing that will unite us with our friends until the end. Begin to accept and understand the logical consequences that “forever” does not always mean forever until the end.

Don’t forget that you too have fond memories
When friendship ends, we might look at past events and memories, question how our relationship with our friends is, then question where the problem is. Rather than regretting everything that makes you feel down, choosing to look at happy memories is the best way to get rid of disappointment slowly. Accept that before this destruction, you and your friends also had a beautiful part in your friendship.

Be realistic
Be someone who is realistic. After a relationship ends, we do not have to sink too long until the tasks of our lives are finally abandoned. Rise up and return to the responsibility we must do. That will help make our hearts improve and peaceful.

There will be times when we might lose friends to lean on, and that is very normal. Move on does not mean removing that person from the memory of our lives, ladies.

Well, those are some things you can do when your friendship relationship ends. Don’t fall too long and get up immediately. Be strong and happy, Ladies!


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