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These Are Things You Can Do For Your Best Friend Who Just Broke Up In Love

Breaking up love is a very painful thing. Especially for those who have dreamed of the beauty of marriage. But if it’s no match, what can I say? The decision must be respected even if the heart is bleeding. Then what happens if your best friend who just broke up in love? Surely you won’t have the heart to see him sad all the time. Take it easy Ladies, MeraMuda will provide ideas to please your best friend who has just broken up. Anything?

Visiting the Pet Store Together

Many women like cute animals. To distract him from deep sorrow, you can bring your best friend to a pet store or pet cafe. Seeing cats, dogs, or other cute animals will give a smile on their lips. No need to linger, just 15 minutes is not a problem.

Take a One Day Trip
The next thing you can do is take a one day trip. Find a place you previously wanted to visit together. Plan whatever you want to do. Can eat, watch, or just just selfie. Having a plan like this will at least divert your sadness, this becomes a pleasant distraction.

Watch Joint Comedy Films

Another thing you can do is watch a comedy or something funny. Avoid films with a sad ending, the tears will actually become worse. Can also look for motivational films to rise from the oppressive romance. Look for films so that he remains optimistic and confident to get through everything.

Stay at his Home and Order a Giant Pizza!
Another thing that might make you comfortable is accompanying him. Try to stay at his house then order a giant pizza with a variety of delicious toppings (ranging from sausages, pineapple, tuna, and extra cheese). Eat together, spend time together to get quality time. Accompany him, fortunately he wants to express his heart.

Go to the Bookstore or Library

For you who have friends who love books, shops and libraries, this is the right place. Help your friends find novels, give good advice. Avoid choosing tears-filled novels that make his heart more cut.

Shop for new clothes
The clothes in his wardrobe might remind him more of his former lover. No need to throw it away, you can ask him to shop for new clothes. So the brain can be refreshing and not remembering painful events.

Invited him to watch the concert

Because music will make a better mood, especially music that he likes. Try to invite him. It doesn’t have to be an international music concert, Ladies. Now the domestic music festival is no less exciting and routinely held.

Let Him Cry To Be Relieved
Another thing you need to do as his best friend is don’t say it to stop crying. Let him talk anything about his ex, as he wishes. Let him cry, lament what happens, but don’t let it drag on. Sad, but overdoing it won’t be good later either.

Say to Him “You’re Extraordinary”

After letting him wallow in his sadness, don’t forget to lift his confidence back. Tell him “you are extraordinary, special” or other things that will make him feel better. Do not let the sadness that occurs makes him forget about himself.

Seeing your own friends being afflicted with grief is a painful thing, Ladies. So from that, you need to cheer him up. Congratulations looking for inspiration from one of the above mentioned yes. Good luck!


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