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The Importance Of Making Friends With Colleagues

Ladies who are also career women, surely understand that people at work have a big influence on your life. Just imagine, you meet with them 5 days a week. Whether it’s when you walk in the hallway, brew coffee in the pantry, meeting, or as simple as passing his desk when you’re pacing the office.

As Leslie Knope said in the Parks and Recreation series , what makes a job meaningful is that we do it with the people we care about.

There is research you know about friendship with coworkers. Good friendships in the scope of work have a positive effect and improve work performance.

It’s easier to make friends with colleagues at your place now. Why? Because there are a variety of topics that you and he will understand with each other such as the boss’s problems in the office, the photocopier is broken, give advice to each other about work, and can celebrate each other’s success in the work of each other’s offices.

Every day you spend 8 hours of time together, even more for several companies. Of course good bonding will make you happier at work and make you feel part of the community in it. A good relationship will also facilitate your work with other departments especially if you are doing a joint project.

It’s hard to stay in touch with colleagues from previous workplaces. Whether it’s college friends or office colleagues, we will experience separation. Ladies will graduate, or move to a better place of work. The more mature, the more meetings and partings you will experience.

Maybe you will rarely get in touch with a coworker when you or he moves to work. Until later you will find coworkers who fit your personality and you don’t need a single place of work so that you can meet and have topics as understanding.

Your friend is not just an office friend, but has become a friend outside the office. If it’s like this, congratulations Ladies! You just found a good friend. Hopefully your relationship and your best friend last, ladies.


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