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Is Talking About Couples All Day Healthy? Here’s The Expert Said

When you are in love or early in a relationship, talking about a partner seems to be a routine. Getting abundant affection, there is someone who can always be a ‘shelter’, of course making gratitude well up. For this reason, being in love is something that makes life more enjoyable.

Because of the pleasant feeling that you do not hesitate to share with the people closest to you about your partner. Indeed, even talking about feelings or what happens in your relationship can reduce anxiety and confusion.

But wait, Ladies, is talking about your partner almost all the time a healthy thing?

If you cannot complete your tasks because you are constantly talking about your partner or your relationship is something you only want to talk about, experts say it might be time to check yourself.

“If you spend too much time talking about your partner and affect your ability to do work or study at school, this can be a problem,” said Dr. Gary Brown who is a leading couple therapist in Los Angeles. “Actually, talking about your partner is a healthy thing as long as it doesn’t interfere with your daily activities.” In essence, according to Dr. Brown, talking about couples and love life is a very sweet thing.

At first, it would be funny. However, if you continue to talk about it, anywhere at any time even though it has been a long enough relationship, it could be that it’s not true love, but an obsession. But it really needs to be underlined Ladies, talking about a partner is a very normal thing. However, if you are already crazy and can’t think of anything other than your partner, it’s good to immediately consult.

Even though being in love gives you a lot of happiness, Dr. Brown said if it was important to ensure that your relationship did not make you lose interest in anything else. For example, hobbies or other interests. Do not let your deep love fall into endless suffering later.

So from that, return as usual. Falling in love naturally do other things that also provoke your happiness. For example, taking yoga classes, painting, to traveling. This is simply to stay within reasonable limits, if your life is not struggling with your partner alone.

You can really fall in love with someone and still be yourself, which of course is a totally different person from him. You are still a whole and dynamic person even without it. So, try to measure again the level of your feelings for him, Ladies. It’s crazy to fall in love, but don’t fall into an obsession and lose your true self.


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