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Here Are 5 Signs You Have Emotional Violence In A Relationship

Ladies, for your information , yes, violence is not only a physical problem, there is something that is not seen but is more torturous, namely emotional violence. According to Sally Brown, a psychotherapist based in the UK, is more dangerous than physical violence, things related to inner or emotional will actually undermine the name of self-confidence and other more personal matters.

And this is very common in a love affair. For more details, here are 5 signs according to Sally Brown you are experiencing what is called emotional abuse in relationships and this should not be underestimated.

  1. You are mocked

Do you feel more mocked than supported when telling your partner a problem? Sometimes couples also often make jokes or humor to cheer you up. However, there is an easy way to tell the difference. For example, it seems, when he throws the jokes in front of the crowd, look at their reactions. If it makes people uncomfortable, it can also mean your partner is looking down on you.

  1. You Feel Guilty Every Time
    Feeling insecure , alert, and uncomfortable if accidentally hurting him, it’s actually quite natural, ladies. But if things that aren’t really important actually bother him or disappoint him without you knowing the reason, it seems necessary to be vigilant. People who emotionally abuse often will make you more guilty of their own behavior.
  2. Suddenly You Need Protection

Still dating, but you have been arranged in such a way as given a curfew or other restraining rules? This can also be a sign that you are experiencing emotional violence. They try to control you in their own way under the pretext of caring. I was so concerned, they would even be confused with anyone they met, what activities had been carried out.

  1. You Feel Isolated
    Another sign of emotional violence in your relationship is to limit your social world. Not only social activities in cyberspace, even though the real world. You are asked to stop contacting people closest to you like family or friends. You are asked to have no other world besides him. And this is a lot of cases, but many women do not realize if this is a form of emotional violence.
  2. You Don’t Be Yourself and People Realize It

The people closest to you who are interested in expressing their astonishment at you, you look more quiet or not as usual. They are curious why you are not like before and changed. And if you have trouble giving them the real answer, or are forced to lie, Beware Ladies, it looks like you are experiencing emotional violence.

The name is related and there is a legitimate problem with the Ladies, and that is indeed the spice in making love. But, if you are always feeling pressured, humiliated, ignored, and not valued, it seems Ladies need to rethink what’s in it for the relationship to continue. Love is allowed, but rational thinking is also very necessary.


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