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Have A Partner With Anxiety Disorders? Here Are Tips To Deal With It!

You who have never had a partner with anxiety disorders, may be confused in the face of panic or anxiety felt. So that couples are calmer, here’s how to deal with couples with anxiety disorders!

  1. Don’t Go Panic or Angry
    According to Tara Dixon, mental health therapist from Louisiana, United States, show affection to couples with anxiety disorders. “Try to be quiet and show love and affection rather than panic or get angry,” he explained.
  2. Don’t Take Heart with Your Partner’s Reaction
    The way of thinking of couples with anxiety disorders is different from what you think. Therefore, do not compare his reaction with you about something. “When a partner is worried, one bad thought will turn into many thoughts. His mood can be directly influenced by negative thoughts, “Tara said.
  3. Be careful when talking
    Saying things, such as “Try to be confident”, “It only seems to be in your head,” or “You can relax, right?” Will only make him think like being blamed. Your partner really only needs you to be there for him and know that you love him and are ready to listen.
  4. Remember that you are a couple, not a psychologist
    When a partner is anxious or experiencing panic disorder, don’t act like a psychologist and as if you know everything and how he feels. Remember you are there to be by her side or be by her side through what your partner experiences.
  5. Accompany Your Partner to a Psychologist
    If the symptoms of anxiety disorders or panic attacks experienced by partners are also not reduced or worsened, there is no harm in encouraging him to see a psychologist. You can accompany your partner to a psychologist.

So , if your partner currently has an anxiety disorder, don’t forget to do a few tips above, ladies!


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