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Follow These Few Tips To Keep Relationships Long Lasting

Who doesn’t crave lasting relationships with their partners? Most people give up in the middle of the road when they feel it’s not suitable anymore. But even those who have been dating for a long time also don’t necessarily have a good relationship, ladies. Maybe they were stuck in a toxic relationship, survived because they were comfortable and were used to being together. Then how should the relationship be lived? Here are some signs that your relationship is good or not so that the relationship lasts long!

Arguing, but still respectful and affectionate

You don’t embarrass someone when they feel inferior – especially if they are someone you care about. So you may fight, it’s actually very healthy for any relationship as long as it’s not too much. However, you should fight with love and mutual respect.

The debate that occurs in a relationship is very common. The debate is mutually constructive, as long as it is not done excessively. So, when you disagree with one thing and another, try to be discussed more carefully than you keep it in your heart. But what you need to realize is that there are some unhealthy fights, like hitting, cursing, and so on.

If you are not a toxic person, you will definitely take care of your emocytes not to issue words that hurt or discuss the past. And prefers to debate in an adult and civilized manner.

The days feel better when together
As an individual, you should feel happy and whole even if you are alone, as well as your partner. But now that you have found each other, your days are brighter than usual.

And, that actually makes sense. When you have two people, you have a team, and being in a team means stronger than anyone doing it yourself. You help each other when you fall, and make the most exciting adventures and moments even more magical than you already have. You like to have time alone, to maintain your independence, but when together it feels like sunlight.

Relationships are built on solid trust and honesty

The most important thing in a relationship is mutual trust and honesty. This requires time to develop, and this can only happen if both parties build it from scratch to be open and honest.

Even so, good relations require a foundation of trust and honesty to be able to last in time. This means there is no lie between us, not even lying for the sake of the slightest good and open to each other. It might be difficult to discuss this one thing, but people who are committed to each other don’t avoid difficult topics like this.

Choose to grow together
Many couples fall in love, then start to plan and build a future for the two of them, but in the end they separate too. This is because the two have not made a conscious decision to grow together. As we get older, we will naturally change and evolve, so if we are not careful to ascertain whether we are still growing together as a couple or not. The possibility is that we can switch and fall in love with other people. The signs of a good relationship are when we decide to grow together, no matter how big the individual changes.

Always present when needed

Whether when you are having a hard day at work, you are stressed, your loved one is sick, or you are having a crisis of self-confidence, your partner must always be by your side. To just give a hug, support, say things like ” It’s okay, everything’s gonna be alright “, or do anything that can help you relieve your stress.

And you also have to behave that way towards him. This is always a balance between giving and receiving depending on what and who is experiencing those things. And whatever happens, you must not fail to just be present and provide support.

Really feel comfortable with each other

This one requires both of them to be vulnerable to each other, and makes you off guard. Which many of us struggle with. But this is not our fault. This happens usually because of relationships that we have experienced in the past. Or from paying attention to our parents that being open to each other is not safe. Broken heart from previous relationships, makes us more careful to let others into our hearts. So we are trying to build a wall so that we won’t be heartbroken again in the future.

But true love and strong relationships can only be formed if we want to open our hearts, and allow others to enter fully. You can also remind yourself that this new person is different from someone who once hurt you.

If you can do that, you allow yourself to fully receive extraordinary love and relationships. But surely all of them go back to each of you, ladies. If you feel that you are not able to continue your relationship, yes no one is forcing you to continue to live it.


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