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Feeling Hard To Be Happy? Maybe 5 This Is The Cause

Feeling disappointed, upset, failing, wanting to be angry is a natural thing once we feel as humans. Everyone without exception has experienced periods where life is so heavy and it feels like to end it, give up and not want to continue. But not infrequently, the heavy burden comes from within us, you know, Ladies. There are some things that are possible without you knowing it instead make the burden even heavier. Here are a few examples.

Assuming Too Fast Alone

Change always happens because humans are also sometimes unstable nature. Well, if for example your friend today is different from usual, don’t assume it’s fast because of you, maybe it could be another problem. So from that, always ask first before thinking negatively. Occasionally negative thoughts are natural, but not often. Later you can even stress yourself.


Doing nothing but feeling that your days are tiring and hard? Try checking again, maybe you think too much about things that are not necessary. Often these fears are present in our minds. Therefore, minimize for overthinking , make everything more relaxed. Don’t let it be because you think too much will make you sick later.

Too Listen to Other People’s Comments

Little bit bitterly commented on other people, a little hurt … Duh, don’t be like that, Ladies. Whether you do good or bad, there will always be people who hate you and talk about you behind your back. Therefore, don’t let their comments or hints drop you. Instead of listening to the unnecessary signals of people, seek entertainment so that the burden decreases.

Often Comparing Yourself with Others

One example, Obama became President at the age of 47 years, while Donald Trump only became the leader of the country’s Adi Power at the age of 70 years. Regardless of how they served the position yes … Well, from that you can see Ladies, if everyone has their own destiny and path that needs to be passed. So from that, don’t compare yourself too often with other people which actually makes you worse off. Can compare origin to spur the spirit, not just make you down huh.

Expectations Too High

Ladies, you can dream of anything, free according to what is in your mind. But remember one thing, to stay realistic. Don’t let expectations get too high which makes life harder and frustrated. Often what makes us worse off is ourselves. Dreaming may, but still within reach.

Those are things that make your day harder. So, if you already know why, try to minimize the above, Ladies. Live only once, let’s try to be happy and try your best. Concerning the end result, let’s pray and surrender to God Almighty. Don’t torture yourself by overloading your mind with the things above


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