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Be friend The Former After Breaking Up, Here’s How

Ending a romantic relationship with someone is often heartbreaking. But, sometimes there is a feeling that you still want to keep in touch with him because of one or two things that make you feel comfortable with him. Could be because you have the same fondness for something or maybe there are some qualities that you and he complement each other. However, you do not have the desire to re-establish a romantic relationship or return to him. If you feel this way, then, you should still be friends with your ex, Ladies.

You need to remember, breaking up as a boyfriend does not mean to make you have to hate him. You can still relate to him with a different status. But it is undeniable that this fabric of friendship can only work if, your ex also feels the same way, you know! Feel comfortable, but do not have a goal to get back together. Conversely, if you still have feelings left and want to return with her as a boyfriend, Dating expert and founder of The Babe Report and author of Aren’t You Glad You Read This ?, Erica Gordon, warns you to stop your intention to make friends with your ex, Ladies . Because this will only prolong your pain and make you even more unable tomove on .

Gordon added, the relationship of friendship with the former is actually a natural thing if your relationship with him before was a healthy relationship, not toxic, and you really love him as a whole person.

“Many people describe their partner as their best friend, so when they break up they can also feel like losing the best friend they have ever had. No one wants to lose someone who increases or adds value to their lives that are not sexually related, “he explained.

Even though it looks like it’s impossible, however, making friends again with your ex can actually happen through a number of ways and with the right reasons. For that, reported by Elite Daily , Gordon shared tips on how to turn a broken heart into a lifelong friendship.

  1. Break up clearly
    If you have the hope of making a friendship with your ex, one of the important things to do is to make sure that your problems are resolved and that they are completely broken. The reason is, this can also help the healing process after breaking up run smoothly. That means you need to try to avoid talking about bad things about them, getting into bad fights, or saying hurtful words that you might not mean to say.

“You can be friends with your ex if both parties no longer have romantic feelings on both sides, and as long as the relationship does not contain toxic or violence. In order to make friends, it is also important not to feel upset, sick, or angry with him, “explained Gordon.

  1. Ignore the Social Media
    Gordon stated, one way to make friends with your ex in the future is to release your attention on social media. “It requires a lot of self-discipline to stop stalking your ex on social media. It’s not healthy, and turning off their notifications on social media can help. Think about how you can use your time more for productive things and healthy activities than stalking your ex on social media, “he said.

One thing you also need to remember is that when you have the intention to make friends with your ex, you should never delete or block their social media. The reason is, it can worsen your relationship with him in the future.

  1. Spend Separate Quality Time
    Spending quality time separately will help both parties recover from the pain of breaking up and moving on . According to Gordon, this can help overcome your remaining romantic feelings, so that the new friendships can be formed properly. “Take as much time as you need,” he said. Do not forget, you also need to give your ex as much time as he needs.
  2. Be honest with yourself
    Before you decide to be the first to contact him, Gordon recommends that you give yourself a break, make sure you re-feel and be honest with your wishes. Is this really what you want? Do you really want to be in a platonic relationship as a friend with your ex, or are you still hoping to get back with your ex.

“Storage of your personal emotions will help check back in your deepest heart and ensure that you no longer expect your ex to return, or build friendships just to build unhealthy bonds,” Gordon said. Whatever the reason, you need to make sure you re-mature, Ladies.

  1. Think Well of Your Hangout Plan With It
    When the time comes, you are ready to enter the friendzone , the next step is that you need to carefully plan your hangout with him. Gordon advised to choose a place that is crowded hangout and avoid romantic places. This needs to be done to avoid re-emergence of feelings in the previous relationship.
  2. Avoid Flirting
    So that you and your ex do not feel confused and awkward, Gordon advises you to hold the principle of zero flirting . This can avoid the re-emergence of romantic feelings on both sides.

Apart from a few tips in the above review, to keep your friendship with your ex going well, the important thing you need to do is keep your distance and curiosity about his new romantic relationship. This will only make the friendship that has been built, turned into awkward .


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