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6 Reasons Why Someone Lies, According To Experts

Every person has lied at least once in his life. Either when they were little, or when they were adults and were in the community. There doesn’t seem to be someone who has never lied in his life. If there is, maybe it’s really rare, Ladies.

Lying is not an easy matter. Bella DePaulo, a psychologist from the University of Virginia, said women are more likely to lie for the sake of their closest people than men.

A study in the journal Personality and Individual Differences identifies typologies of lies. Some types of lies tend to be used for these personality types. So you can guess someone’s lying habit from his personality.

Here are 6 main types of lying according to the journal.

  1. To get personal benefits

This type of lie is intended to get positive benefits or results for yourself. For example to get money or claim ownership or ownership of something.

  1. To protect yourself
    This type of lie aims to avoid loss or negative results for yourself. For example like when you lied to your friend that you didn’t break his favorite flower vase.
  2. To get certain benefits

The purpose of this type of lie is to get results or positive responses from someone. Like when you tell a child that the picture he made is the most beautiful picture you have ever seen.

  1. To protect someone
    The purpose of this lie is to prevent someone from getting negative results that can hurt them. For example when you tell a friend that their lost wallet will definitely be found.
  2. To benefit yourself and others
    These lies aim to benefit oneself and others. Like recognizing a prize that should not have been for your team in a group project race.
  3. To protect yourself and others
    This type of lie has the purpose of preventing yourself and others from getting hurt due to negative results. For example, by claiming that it wasn’t you and your friends who caused the event last week to fail.


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