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6 Myths About Love That Many People Still Trust Until Now

Not only struggles with tradition, love also has myths that are still believed by many to this day. Some blind belief in this myth sometimes makes love life better or even vice versa. So that you do not fall deeper into the myths about love that exist. Here are at least 6 things you need to know about myths that are still believed by many people.

  1. Myth: Differences in Interest for Perfect Relationships

Until now there are still many who believe that the difference in a relationship will actually strengthen. The fact is, it’s not always like that, Ladies. Even when seen in everyday life those who have many things in common have a more durable relationship. By having many similarities in the first place, disputes over different interests can be minimized easily. Or at least, you have ‘agreed’ and understood the differences between you.

  1. Myth: Can Change Couples

Love can change a partner? Hem, you should forget about that. Reality is not like a fairy tale that can turn a frog into a prince. Most of us still believe that love will change someone to be easier. However, for you to know humans are indeed created differently and it is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand to change one’s personality in a short time. Even a long time does not guarantee that someone will change for the better.

  1. Myth: Living Together Before Getting Married The Best Way to Get to Know Your Partner

Not always living together before marriage is the best way to get to know a partner. Most of the facts, people who live together will be pressured to get married soon. Especially in the eastern culture that Indonesia has, living together before marriage is strictly prohibited. Instead of getting better, deciding to live together before marriage can actually have a negative impact. Instead of going to a more serious level, it can even run aground in the middle of the road.

  1. Myth: Mate is Self-reflection

Some of us really believe that our soul mate will be the same person as us. However, believe it or not, some people who are paired actually have differences. With high tolerance and mutual understanding of differences, they can make a much happier life.

  1. Myth: Love Has an Expiration Date

There are some people who think if love has an expiration date. But apparently it is only an excuse for people who are not serious about their relationship. Those who value a partner will make love never have an expiration date. Love will cling to death.

  1. Myth: Love First Look

It turns out that the name love at first sight is a myth. There is only physical attraction at first sight. Love is a feeling that is fostered, not just a single glance can fall in love without the previous process. According to Ali Campbell, a book writer and life coach, it is said that if a woman takes 45 seconds to determine whether she is in love or not.

Well, for Ladies who still believe in the myths that have been mentioned above, maybe this is the time to realize that they are mere myths and do not need to think further.


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