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5 Smart Ways To Face The Catcall That Often Occurs In Girls

It seems that all the girls must have gotten a catcall , and this feels really uncomfortable. This catcall usually occurs in public places or on the road to see a girl who is walking alone, even some are together with others. Suddenly there is a guy who whistles, calls with certain calls, or so forth. Sounds familiar, ladies?

Not only feel harassed, not infrequently we as girls feel frightened. Why? Because indeed many things can happen and this endangers the girls. Especially if the culprit is clustered. Instead of daring to fight them, all this time they could only run. If they don’t look reckless and aggressive or are clearly after you, there’s no need to run helter-skelter, there are a few tips you can do to deal with those who like to paint .

  1. Pretending to Call

The easiest thing to do when someone is nosy is to pretend to be on the phone or busy with a cell phone. Say it out loud if it seems as if the person on the phone will come soon. Not just pretending, even you can directly make calls to the closest people, can be family, girlfriend or also friends. This is to avoid if the bullies are doing reckless things.

  1. Don’t Reply With Dirty Words
    No matter how emotional you are, try not to reply to them with dirty words. Maybe this can work to make some people deterrent. But what if the swear words and dirty words you point at them backfire? Feared, they even get emotional and attack you. So, avoid swearing . Just enough in my heart. Ehehe …
  2. Make Eye Contact

To make them deterrent, you can do things that are a bit more daring. For example, make eye contact or body language that shows if you are very disturbed by what they are doing. In this way, the guts of those who tease you will shrink. They will think again and again to tease you again next time.

  1. Don’t be Afraid, Reply to the Word
    If you want to make it more deterrent, do not hesitate to reply to his words. Just try to reply to his words in a calm, firm tone, or even to be able to repeat the words that were previously directed at you. Try to be firm and don’t hesitate, if this is the case, they will see you as an easy target. For example, asked, “Where are you going, dear, here brother anterin …” in a teasing tone. Just answer, “No thanks. I ordered a motorcycle taxi online. ” ¯ \ _ (ツ) _ / ¯
  2. Ignore The Temptation, Acting Like Nothing Happened

The last thing you can do is act as though nothing has happened. This is done if you are already really lazy to reprimand them. This step is indeed done by many women so far and most are successful. Just think of them as leaves passing by because of the wind. If you can remember their faces so you can avoid them if necessary.

Catcall will continue to happen if we women do not dare to fight. Also if people still think this is a natural thing. “Consider it a compliment.” Actually there are still more polite ways to give praise right? Especially for someone you don’t know, on the streets anyway. Those who have done it all this time consider it something natural, even though catcall including verbal harassment. If that makes you feel disturbed, you have the right to act. C’mon, don’t stand still, brace yourself.


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