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4 Ways To Meet New People For You Who Are Anti Dating App

There are various ways to meet new people. If you’re the type that doesn’t like dating apps and other online media encounters, you can do the following offline ways, Ladies.

  1. Go somewhere alone
    Register yourself in a particular course, community, or volunteer that suits your hobbies and passion. People who register at the place certainly want to meet people who like the same thing with them. Maybe when you first come alone it will feel awkward. But after 3 or 4 times, you must have gotten a new friend there.
  2. Focus on the present situation
    Normal things like buying coffee in the morning can be a door for you to meet new people if you focus on your current situation and your surroundings. You must have been in the middle of the road when you met strangers who were very funny and wanted you to chat.

You might meet him when you enter the coffee shop and he opens the door for you. Give thanks and look at his face while smiling. Simple things like this are enough to make you remember, and can be the subject of chat when you meet again.

  1. Look for opportunities to share moments with others by commenting on something that is happening
    When something out of the ordinary happens in your routine, whether it’s while waiting in line for coffee, on a busy bus, or when you walk in the park, you will realize that people who see strange things will look at each other as if to say “Do you see what did I see? “

At times like that, it’s a good opportunity to comment and say what’s on your mind that is also on the minds of those around you. Who knows Ladies, maybe someone interesting will appear and give feedback to your comments earlier hihi.

  1. Use the “yes, and …” trick
    When someone who catches your attention takes the initiative to start a conversation, whether it’s at the mall, at a certain event, park or on the bus, it’s important for you to provide feedback that can be used as a connection topic to them.


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